Cats by nature are obligate carnivores and require a high meat, high moisture rich diet, the easiest way to replicate this for our companion felines is to offer a natual fresh wholefood diet, but acheiving a nutritionally adequate diet can be challenging and dauting to acheive on your own.


A weekly meal plan aims to provide all essential nutrients as well as many important non essential nutreints in a rotational feeding style providing diveristy in wholefood ingredients as nature intended. Meal plans do not aim to meet any of the formal feeding standards such as AAFCO, NRC or FEDIAF and rely on a more natural approach with a ratio style feeding as a base with healthy additional extras in rotation to fill in the gaps often seen in basic ratio diets. While we are not focusing on meeting nutritional standards these plans will often meet at least one of the standards.


This style of feeding is for cats who prefer a diverse diet that is served in a chunky or whole form , ie edible raw meaty bones, chunks of meat, organs and other wholefood items to chew on and are happiest when fed diversity in their food choices.


In this package you will receive:

  • A diverse 7 day wholefood meal plan
  • Bone Broth Recipe
  • Transition guide
  • Two week email support after you receive your recipes for any advice and trouble shooting.
  • Up to 1 adjustment if an ingredient isn't suited to your cat or you have issues sourcing within 2 weeks of receiving your plan.


I aim to meet as many nutritional requirements with wholefoods as posible but in some plans I need to use some specific targeted supplementation to meet essential requirements.


Upon purchase you will receive a document for some homework that needs to be completed before I can formulate your receipes. This includes information on your cats needs as well as you doing some research gathering information on ingredients and services available in your area so I can tailor the plan to best suit your cats needs according to what is available to you. Please return forms to

Once I have received the completed form I will forward your transition guide and bone broth recipe for you to work with while I work on your recipes.

Your recipes will then be formulated within 2 weeks of me receiving the form completed in full (this timeframe is subject to change at any time according to demand).

**If you have any difficulty using the PDF form please contact me asap and I can forward a word document to fill out. 


Please note I can only formulate diets for healthy cats without any medical conditions that require diet restrictions or special considerations, these diets are best formulated by a veterinarian who understands wholefood nutrition.


Please note: All documentation will be provided in PDF format, before purchasing please ensure your device supports PDF files. 


*Disclaimer: Please note that as this is a rotational feeding guide nutritional values are not supplied as they are ot formulated to meet a recognised standard. Food items will always have nutritional variation so no garunteed analysis can be given. 

Weekly Meal Plan for Cats