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Fresh Food
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Would you like to provide your feline or canine with fresh wholefood species appropriate nutrition the way nature intended?

 Consultations For Felines and Canines
Every pet is an individual, from their personality, how they like to play and interact with their world and even what they eat.
Tailoring individualised diets to suit the needs of each pet is the foundation of health and wellness.
Our meal plans focus on using wholefoods with bioavailable nutrients to nourish your pet so they can live happy healthy lives.

Our diets are primarily based on raw foods and plans are customised to suit your individual pets needs.
With a variety of options to suit your needs from customised and pre-formulated balanced recipes (balanced to NRC guidelines), weekly meal plans and audits (Coming soon) on current raw diets to ensure you are meeting your pets nutritional needs.
If you need assistance in choosing the right plan  or have any questions please contact us

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Feline Nutrition consultations & pre-formulated recipes available now.
Click the image for details.
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Canine Nutrition consultations and pre-formulated recipes available now. Click the image for details.