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The Puzzler Foraging Perch is for medium to larger sized birds who love a challange.

Made from 42x42mm pine that is aprox 25cm long (plus bolt). It features a rotating lid at the end that conceals a cavitiy that you can hide treats in. There are also 4 pine pieces on the sides held in place by dowel rods, the pine slices can be gently rotated off and there is a small cavitiy behind each one that you can choose to hide treats in, the slices can easily be returned onto the dowels so your bird needs to either chew them or manipulate them off. 

As with all of our foraging perches the hardware (bolt, washers and wingnut) are stainless steel for your parrots safety. Washers are 38mm diameter to suit most cages. 

Puzzler Foraging Perch