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NRC Balanced Pork & Chicken based recipe for Adult dogs


This recipe is a mixed protein diet based on Pork muscle meat and Chicken raw meaty bones with Beef (Liver & Kidney) & Chicken (heart) Organs, seafood (fish & mussels) vegetable matter, egg and some supplements. Please ensure you have access to these ingredeints in your area prior to purchase as there are no refunds.

Please note this recipe is not suitable for dogs with allergies to any of these foods.


As this is not a custom recipe it will be delivered directly to your email inbox as a PDF file once payment has been received and is ready to use. 


What will be receive ?

  • One NRC balanced recipe for adult dogs to make 1000 kcal of food
  • Bone Broth Recipe
  • Transition Guide
  • Instructions on how to calcuate your dogs daily intake
  • Up to 1 week of email support if you need help with transition.


This recipe is balanced as is and ingredients cannot be substitiuted otherwise an imbalance may occur.


*Please note this is for private use only and is not to be reproduced or used in a commerical capacity.


All receipes are balanced using data collected from a variety of respected sources including various International Food Databases (USA, Australia, France, New Zealand), and various food research publications.

I aim to meet as many nutritional requirements with wholefoods as posible but in some recipes I need to use some specific targeted supplementation to meet essential requirements.



Please note: All documentation will be provided in PDF format, before purchasing please ensure your device supports PDF files and forms. 


*Disclaimer: Please note that recipes are balanced according to the data I have available, other formulators may return varied results of the same ingredients based on the data available to them. Recipes will contain nutritional analysis based on available data, all food items will have natual variations and as such these values cannot be seen as a guaranteed analysis.

Pork & Chicken Recipe For Adult Dogs