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This chunky little toy is for birds who love Groov-E block and chunkier pices of pine to chew.

Featuring 6 Groov-E blocks, coloured pine slices and plain pine slices and chunks, threaded onto paper rope. (Pictured with a Stainless Steel core) 

Doubles as a fun foraging toy, small treats can be placed between the grooves such as amond slivers, pumpkin seeds etc... 

Suitable for smaller birds who are keen chewers up to medium sized birds (ie Hahns Macaws, Alexandrines etc...) 

Aprox 23cm long and 16cm wide.

Available with all paper rope or with a 1.6mm Stainless Steel Core and Paper attachements.

As the stainless steel is not welded this option is not suitable for birds with large powerful beaks. 

*Colours may vary and will be selected at random. 

Groov-E Dancer