This toy is for those who are serious chewers, featuring a variety of pine chunks from smaller 42x42x20mm shaped pine slices up to 70x70x30mm shaped slices and jumbo Groov-E blocks (70x30x55mm) with a variety of shapes and sizes in between. It also has 4 aprox 8cm wide corrugated cardboard rolls and threaded onto tough twisted paper rope.

There is a foraging block (42x42x80mm with 20mm holes) in the middle ideal for stuffing with almonds in shell or treat/pellet parcels, you can also push pellets or treats into the corrugated cardboard rolls and between the grooves in the Groov-E blocks.

Suitable for medium to large birds who love to chew larger pieces of pine.

Toy length is aprox 45cm.

Groov-E Big Bite