The Giuseppe Bouncer is a great toy for birds who love a springy bouncy toy to hang around on. As your birds moves on this spiral shaped toy the wire creates a springing action. This is a favourite toy of my Hahns Macaw Giuseppe.


Made from a variety of pine slices, shaped pine slices, wafers and Groov-E blocks with rolled and pieces of corrugated cardboard and cupcake wrappers threaded onto 1.6mm stainless steel wire. 

Hanging length is aprox 43cm.

*please note each toy may have slight variations but all will include mentioned items.

*Quick links not included with hanging toys.


Suitable for birds from Greencheek Conure size up to Hahns Macaw sized Parrots.

As the stainless steel is not welded this is not suitable for larger birds with powerful beaks. 

Giuseppe Bouncer