Small Foraing Platform 
30x30mm pine and aprox 22cm long
3 drilled holes for concealing treats and grooves that you can stuff small food items such as pumpkin seeds for your parrot to dig out.
100% Stainless steel hardware that is reasuable washer is 38mm diameter.
At the end pine wafers, and paper straws, mahogany pod slices and palm shredders are threaded on with paper rope or seagrass rope, if you have a preference please let me know at checkout otherewise it will be chosen at random.
These can be attached to either the side or the ceiling of your parrots cage


Also available in a refill option for those who have purchased our platforms in the past and have left over hardware. We will predrill to the 8mm bolt size and all you need is a suitable sized allan key to install your hardware. 

Foraging Platform Perch - Small