Cats by nature are obligate carnivores and require a high meat moisture rich diet, the easiest way to replicate this for our companion felines is to offer a natual fresh wholefood diet, but acheiving a nutritionally adequate diet can be challenging and dauting to acheive on your own.

Our recipes are formulated to meet NRC guidlines so you know your cat is receiving all of the essential nutrients they need to thrive


In this package you will receive:

  • 2 Custom recipes balanced to NRC guidlines for an adult cat 
  • Bone Broth Recipe
  • Transition guide
  • Two week email support after you receive you recipes for any advice and trouble shooting.
  • Up to 1 adjustment if an ingredient isn't suited to your cat or you have issues sourcing within 2 weeks of receiving your plan.  


All receipes are balanced using data collected from a variety of respected sources including various countries Food Databases (USA, Australia, France, New Zealand), Monica Segal's Books and various food research publications. 

I aim to meet as many nutritional requirements with wholefoods but in some recipes I need to use some specific targeted supplementation to meet essential requirements. 


Upon purchase you will receive a document for some homework that needs to be completed before I can formulate your receipes.  This includes information on your cats needs as well as you doing some research gathering information ingredinets and services available in your area so I can tailor the plan to best suit your cats needs and what is available to you.

Your recipes will then be formulated within 2 weeks of me receiving the form completed in full.


Please note I can only formulate for healthy cats without any medical conditions that require diet restrictions. One exception is cats who have an intolerance/allergy to one protein. 


*Disclaimer:  Please note that recipes are balanced according to the data I have available, other formulators may return varied results the the same ingredinets based on the data available to them.  Recipes will contain nutritional analysis based on available data, all food items will have natual variations and as such these values cannot be seen as a guaranteed analysis. 


Custom Meal Plan - 2 Balanced Recipes for Adult Cats