The Busy Beak Platform is aprox 25cm long and 9cm wide with a variety of pine slices (42x42x7mm, 30x30x7mm, 30x30x12mm, 19x19x19mm) in both plain and shaped pieces threaded onto twisted paper rope.

There is one bolt with washers (38mm diamter) and wingnut, all stainless steel.

Suitable for small to medium sized birds.


**** OPTIONS*****

Plain Busy Beak with ss hardware  $20.95

Plain Busy Beak - refill (No Hardware) $16.95

Splash Of Colour with ss hardware $22.95

Splash of Colour - Refill (No hardware) $18.95


Refills are for those who have purchased our platforms in the past and have left over hardware, we will pre-drill for the 8mm bolts and all you will need is a suitable sized allan key to install your own hardware. Please select carefully in the drop down menu.

Busy Beak Platform