This bundle pack is fantastic for those who love to make up their own toys for their birds, we have many of our regular toy parts as well as some you will only get in this pack like the Double T-Sections ideal for adding to dimension to your toys. 

This bundle is valued at almost $45 but we have priced it at $39.95 so you will save on your DIY with this great little pack.


What is in our DIY Toy makers Bundle:

20g Kraft Kinkle Shred

1m x 20cm Corrugated Cardboard Roll

3m Twisted paper rope

2x 90cm Coloured paper rope (Recently changed from 3 x 60cm peices as I have have limited colours available at the moment)

5 x Bamboo Cups

Untreated Natural Pine (*measurements are aproximate slight variations will occur as each are handmade)-

70x30x7mm - 15

70x30x3mm - 15

42x42x7mm- 15

42x42x3mm - 15

42x42x7mm V - 5

42x42x7mm U - 5

42x42x7mm Dovetail - 5

42x42x7mm # - 5

42x30x7mm - 10

30x30x7mm V - 10

30x30x7mm # - 10

30x30x12mm V- 5

30x30x12 #- 5

19x19x19mm cubes - 5

30x30x30mm Double T-section - 1 

42x19 GroovE blocks - 5


DIY Toy Makers Bundle Pack